Email validation fails for domains ending in more than 4 characters in Portrait Dialogue



Portrait Dialogue email validation marks valid emails as invalid.
This occurs with emails that have top domains with greater than 4 characters.


Portrait Dialogue Version: 6.2 with Hotfix 1  ( and lower.

The “MH Select/divide by email validation” Dialog branch plugin uses a regular expression parameter called "CheckEmailAddressExpr" to validate whether an email address is correctly formatted or not.
The CheckEmailAddressExpr parameter can be found in the “Channel parameters” Parameter collection.
Up until version 6.2 HF1 it has been set to:

This is used as a template to validate an email address to see if it is in a valid email format.
One of the things that gets validated is to make sure that the email address ends with either no more than 4  alpha characters, or no more than 3 numeric characters.

The result is that valid emails with long Top Domains, such as will be considered invalid.



UPDATED: August 15, 2018
This is scheduled to be corrected in Portrait Dialogue 6.2. Hotfix 2.

A quick workaround is to change the value of the CheckEmailAddressExpr parameter, which is found in Dialogue Admin, in General admin / Parameter collection / Channel parameters



This change, shown in bold above allows the email to end in up to 15 characters.