Error message "Connection failed" appears when test connection is clicked in Spectrum Spatial Analyst installer


When button "Test Connection" is clicked while installing Spectrum Spatial Analyst, an error message "Connection failed" appears:
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Possible cause for the error message:
1. Spectrum services not reachable if Spectrum and SSA are on separate machine
2. If Spectrum and SSA are on same machine, Spectrum installed on the specific port might be blocked.
3. Spectrum is not licensed


UPDATED: August 28, 2018
1. For Spectrum services not reachable issue, make sure the Spectrum and SSA machines can ping each other.

2. For port issues, make sure the port is open for Spectrum (default is 8080).
Recommended: After Spectrum is installed, try to launch Spectrum to make sure Spectrum was installed without any issues.

3. Check if Spectrum is licensed. If you already have the Spectrum license key, follow the Knowledge base article on how to install permanent Spectrum license.

For more information, refer to help topic on Installing Spectrum Spatial Analyst through wizard.
Environment Details
Product Affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst
Product Feature: Installation/Upgrades
Operating System: Windows