Import from file returns all Participants in Portrait Dialogue if the file only contains header row

Product Feature: Selections
Version All Portrait Dialogue versions prior to 6.2 Hotfix 3


In Portrait Dialogue, it is possible to configure a selection based on an import from a flat file.
The flat file normally contains a list of customer IDs, beginning with a header row (CUSTOMERID).
When there are no record IDs in this file, only the header row, the selection will return all participants in the "From Group".


The MH.ImportFromFile plugin is written in JavaScript and it was not written to handle this no-record condition.


UPDATED: September 13, 2018
A workaround is to modify the MH.ImportFromFile plugin JavaScript to add a counter and to test for count >0 before executing Participants.AcceptAll()

This has been fixed in Portrait Dialogue version 6.2 Hotfix 3.