In Street Works 'Work Type' field changes from Urgent to Emergency on altering other fields in Confirm


In Street Works in Confirm, when the 'Work Type' filed is changed to 'Urgent' from 'Emergency' and further either 'Traffic Management' or 'From' field is changed, this 'Work Type field' falls back to Emergency from Urgent.

Note: In this instance 'Work Type' refers to records in the Street Work Type lookup which is on the Confirm Explorer menu under Street Works > Street Works Lookups
not the Work Type lookup under Maintenance Management > Contract Management Lookups.


This is a known defect in version 15.


UPDATED: September 21, 2018
Resolution has been provided as a part of Confirm release version 16.11aAM. Upgrade the client to this version to get the issue fixed. However it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Confirm to experience the new functionality along with enhanced features.