Command to configure Security bundle with SSL/TLS becomes unresponsive in EngageOne Server 4.X


Configuration of security bundle becomes unresponsive after message '[INFO ] Will check up to 3 times for availability....'
[INFO ] Making copy of '' in bundle conf/backup folder.
[INFO ] Current '' is copied to C:\EngageOne\EngageOne\security/conf/backup/ file.
[INFO ] Configuring application 'openam'
[INFO ] Installing security bundle as a system service
[WARN ] Service is not installed, doing nothing.
[INFO ] Installing eos-security service
[INFO ] Service eos-security has been installed successfully.
[INFO ] OpenAM setup started [INFO ] Starting the eos-security service
[INFO ] output: [INFO ] The EngageOne Server security Service service is starting.
[INFO ] The EngageOne Server security Service service was started successfully.
[INFO ] Checking for OpenAM install tools [INFO ] Found OpenAM install tools
[INFO ] Will check up to 3 times for availability of 'https://localhost.eo.local:8082/OpenAM'.


This could be caused due to either (or both) of the following:
  1. 'security.tls.key.alias' property under not starting with alias 'mkey-'.
  2. Machine name not set to Fully Qualified Domian Name (FQDM).


UPDATED: September 20, 2018
  1. 'security.tls.key.alias' property under must use alias 'mkey-' at the beginning. Like security.tls.key.alias=mkey-*.
  2. Machine must be named Fully Qualified Domian Name (FQDM) instead of localhost, and entry must be present under '<..>Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts'.