'The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme' message in Portrait Dialogue


'The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme Anonymous' message is observed in Visual Dialogue.
Visual Dialogue HTTP request error.JPG


This could be caused due password of the login, using which Portrait Dialogue services are running, has been expired.


UPDATED: September 24, 2018
Follow these steps:
1. Close Visual Dialogue (If already open).
2. Navigate to 'Microsoft Component Services'  (Start >Type 'Run' > type 'services.msc').
  • Expand 'Component Services' > 'Computer' > 'My Computer' > 'COM+ Applications'.
  • Right click on 'MH Dialog Server' and select 'Properties'.
  • In 'MH Dialog Server Properties' window, navigate to 'Identity' tab and update the password.
Control Panel Password Change.JPG

2. To update the password of Portrait Services, navigate to Microsoft Services Console (Start > type 'Run' > type 'services.msc').
  • Navigate to the 'MH Dialogue Manager', 'MH Received Message', 'MH Send Message' Services and 'MH Monitoring Tool (if installed)' one by one.
  • Right click on the 'MH' services and select 'Properties'.
  • Navigate to 'Log On' tab and provide updated username and password.
  • Restart the service
MH services in Services.JPG

8. Restart the IIS '(Internet Information Services)'. Start > Type 'Run' > Type 'CMD' > Type 'iisreset'