GRID or Raster images do not align with underlying Bing maps in Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA)


When displaying GRID or Raster images they do not align with the underlying Bing map in Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA).


SSA does not adjust Raster images or GRIDs to the map projection when a tile server map such as Bing is used in the background. Image Processing, e.g. on the fly re-projection,  is not available like it is in such products as MapInfo Pro.


UPDATED: October 22, 2018
The Raster or GRID image will need to be reprojected to the same underlying tile server projection that will be overlayed. This can be done for example in MapInfo Pro. The Raster or GRID image will then need to  loaded into SSA again.  
Environment Details
Product affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA)