Application link-in record is not zoomed into in Spectrum Spatial Analyst v12.0 and v12.1


When an external application makes a link-in request to Spectrum Spatial Analyst v12.0 and v12.1, the corresponding records show up in search results panel but the map area does not zoom-in to show the record's location over the map in case of single and multiple linked-in records.


  • In the case of a single link-in record, the map area failed to refresh.
  • In the case of multiple link-in records, it is not possible to zoom in the map.


UPDATED: November 29, 2018
  • The issue with the single linked-in record has been fixed as part of Spectrum Spatial Analyst v12.2, hence upgrading to this or later version will resolve the problem.
  • Multiple linked-in records will follow their default behavior of not zooming in.
Environment Details