How do I question a charge or dispute a fee on my invoice or statement

Follow these steps to dispute a charge or fee on an invoice or statement:
Note: You must first create a profile and add your accounts before you can access your online billing.
  1. Select the button for your Invoices or Purchase Power® statements:
  • Invoices - Lease, Rental, Service or Supply - click directly on this button to sign in and go to your list of invoice(s):
    sign in here deep link
  • Purchase Power statement(s), click directly on this button to sign in and go to your list of statement(s):
    sign in here deep link
  1. From the list on-screen, select the blue link of the Invoice number or Account number to view the charge details.
  2. On the Charge Summary page, select the button: Dispute a charge+ 
button dispute a charge
  1. A list expands with options related to charges and topics for you to choose for more help. Make your selection, then select the button: Create a Case.
  2. Choose a category from the menu that best describes your question and select Continue.
  3. Provide a brief description related to your question. Note: This is a required field.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. You receive the message: "Your support case has been created." This message includes your case number, which you can use for reference to check the status.

To check the status of your support case:
  • Visit Case Management, OR,
  • Sign in to your account and scroll down to the section labeled Support Cases to view a list of your open and closed cases.
UPDATED:  December 19, 2017