Sagent: Truncated or capped string field, is the maximum field length configurable?

Product Family: Sagent Data Flow
Product Feature: Design Studio
Perform the followings to increase the maximum field length:
  1. Make sure that no one is logged in to Design Studio
  2. Invoke Sagent Admin -> Server tab -> highlight the Registered Data Flow Service
  3. In the "Configuration" tab change the current value of "MaxFieldLength" parameter , then click Set New Value, followed by clicking Load Into Service 
  4. Restart DFS via Sagent Admin.

Another way to change the value is via windows registry setting (via regedit in Windows): location would be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sagent\DataMart\DC. Change the value of MaxFieldLength from this location and restart DFS.

In both cases above, after the DFS restart, you should see MaxFieldLength value updated in the “Status” bar of Sagent Admin
UPDATED:  February 12, 2015