How to Create Defects on ConfirmConnect Inspection Routes

UPDATED: August 23, 2017

The release of ConfirmConnect version introduced a new type of task: Route Task. Route Tasks - instead of Asset Survey, or Condition Survey, Feature Tasks - are downloaded when an Inspection Route’s Inspection Type has no Observation Types against it and the whole Inspection Route is assigned to the logged in Officer.

When a Route Task is selected, a page is opened displaying the Route on a reduced map with a Start button below it. Tapping the Start button displays a page with a map, which has all the Route’s Features plotted on it. Tapping on a Feature, or cluster of Features, displays the Feature details and tapping on a Feature, displays the list of Fast Defect Types. Tapping on one of the Fast Defect Types creates a Defect, without displaying a Defect page, and closes the Fast Defect Type list.

A Defect Type is determined to be Fast when it is linked to one SOR Group.

For the current set up for the Isle of Wight it is recommended that all Inspection Types, that are not Street Light Inspections, are linked to a dummy Observation Type, so that all driven and walked safety inspections are not downloaded as Route Tasks.

When the Street Light Inspection Type is set up next week it should not be linked to an Observation Type. An SOR Group for fixing Street Lights should be created and linked to the Street Light Defect Type/s. The Street Light Inspection Routes will then be downloaded as Route Tasks, and the Street Light Defects will be displayed in the Fast Defect Type select list.


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Product Feature: Post Works Inspection



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