How to rematch Confirm and ACS Scans in Mail360 Data Manager

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Need to Re-match:
To track the Mailpiece successfully, Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB) contained in scans received from United States Postal Service (USPS) needs to be matched with the IMB of Mailpiece already ingested in the system.

In following situations, IMB may not be present in the system before the scans for that Mailpiece arrives from USPS:
  • Mailpiece file to be ingested in the system was not placed in hot-folder.
  • File processing got failed (final status is either 'I' or 'F') . In this case, file needs to be corrected by following section 'Recovering from a Failed Job Ingestion' in Data Manager Operations guide shipped with the installer package.
  • Mailpiece file successfully processed contains wrong shipping date. In this case, Mailpiece file needs to be reingested after correcting the shipping date.
This will lead scans to go to 'unmatched' tables.

Steps to Re-match:
Once Mailpiece file is successfully processed and information of all the Mailpieces are contained in the System. Rematch procedures needs to run
for each types of scans separately so that scans are picked from 'unmatched' table and matched the IMB now present in the system.

There are three stored procedures (one of CONFIRM scans and two for each ACS type)
  • p_retry_selected_unmatched_mailpiece_scans: Picks scans from table (unmatched_mailpiece_scans) that contains unmatched CONFIRM scans and matches it with corresponding IMB present in the system.
  • p_retry_selected_unmatched_acs_COA: Picks scans from table (Unmatched_Acs_Address_Changes) that contains unmatched ACS Change of Address (COA) scans and matches it with corresponding IMB present in the system.
  • p_retry_selected_unmatched_acs_nixies: Picks scans from table (Unmatched_Acs_Nixies) that contains unmatched ACS  'Undeliverable as Addressed' (NIXIE) scans and matches it with corresponding IMB present in the system.
Each of stored procedures take two parameters (both the values from insert_timestamp column of corresponding table). For example, to
rematch CONFIRMS scans that came into unmatched_mailpiece_scans table between and '2013-05-26 06:18:06.900' and '2013-05-27 09:26:08.580', p_retry_selected_unmatched_mailpiece_scans '2013-05-26 06:18:06.900','2013-05-27 09:26:08.580' need to be executed.
These procedures updates the location and other details of the corresponding IMB's and records corresponding to which IMB's are found, gets deleted from the unmatched table. For more information on Rematching, refer 'Managing Unmatched Postal Events' section of the Data Manager Operations Guide.
It is always recommended to start the Rematching for smaller interval like couple of days and depending on the rematch performance, move on to a bigger intervals.


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