How to detect if the user opened\clicked the email sent by eMessaging in EngageOne Digital Delivery

To achieve this:
1) The outbound profile created to send an email should have "Insert Message Beacon" enabled.
2) In the, introduce outbound.image.request.listener and equate it to http://<server>:<port>/<contextPath>/receipt/ReadReceiptServlet.
Here, "server" is the web server eMessaging is deployed on and "port" is the port on which it's listening as below:
After setting these, restart the webserver, send a mail. Once a user opens up that Email, you'll be able to see the link in Sent(Global)->Generate report(on Outbound Profile)->Messages that have been opened / clicked through.
PS: Server and URL should be accessible from the system where this mail is being opened, so practically if you are sending mail to your customer, this URL has to be made a public URL.
UPDATED:  October 30, 2017