Vault 6.1 Supported Platforms

What platforms are supported for Vault 6.1? (Hardware)

Generally speaking Vault 6.1 has builds for:

SunOS Sparc
Linux i686

Specifically, refer to the Vault installation guide for precise builds and CPU architectures.
Vault consists of a number of different components including a Microsoft Windows client and
several server processes.
The Microsoft Windows client can run on practically any recent x86 processor including:
• Intel Core i3
• Intel Core i5
• Intel Core i7
• AMD A-Series
• AMD Phenom
• AMD Althon
• AMD Sempron
The Vault server processes include:
• e2serverd (Vault Server)
• e2loaderd (Vault Loader)
• e2renderd (Vault Rendering Engine)
• e2routerd (Vault Router)
• indexerd (Vault Indexer as a Service)
These processes can run on the following architectures:
• x86 running Microsoft Windows or Linux
• SPARC running Solaris
• Power running AIX

See the most recent documentation for the most up to date information

Environment Details
UPDATED:  April 3, 2017