How to install Java Client for EngageOne Vault

How to install the Java client for Vault that comes with Vault installation media, using Tomcat as the application server.

1) install Java on the server in question:
2) install Tomcat 6 on the server in question:
3) verify that Tomcat is up and running by visiting the page: http://localhost:8080/
4) if it's up and running, copy the ServiceWeb2.war file that is part of the Vault installation material (found in the Vault_install_path\sample-java\ServiceWeb2 folder) to your Tomcat/Webapps directory
5) restart Tomcat service
6) if it's working, the user should be able to see the web interface by visiting http://localhost:8080/ServiceWeb2/
If the vault server is on a different machine, the IP address used by serviceweb2.war and the port on which it runs can be changed by editing web.xml file found in the ServiceWeb2.war\WEB-INF folder.
UPDATED:  March 22, 2017