Vault Mirroring

Vault 6.0, 6.1, all platforms
What is Vault Mirroring?  How do I set it up?

From the 6.1 e2 Vault Customizing Guide
ADM Vault replication
ADM provides an automated method of distributing data between document repositories. The
document distribution method is a file 'pull' methodology and can be limited to comparing
and pulling documents with a certain age. However, this configuration setting does not handle
the automatic 'aging out' of expired documents. This is provided in the ADM Document
Purging utility, refer to See “ADM Vault Purging / Document Expiry” on page 105. Note that
replication checks occur hourly by default.
Note: 5.3 and prior settings in Server.ini are discontinued. These are now configured via
For example, by using the ADM Document Distribution utility in conjunction with the ADM
Document Purging facility, you can easily configure a small backup server that synchronizes
the most recent month of documents and purges documents greater than three months old.
In other words, the time constraint parameter simply limits the scope of document retrieval,
reducing the bandwidth consumed when comparing the file lists.
Mirroring allows one vault to copy data files from another vault. The replica loader process
contacts the master server process hourly and the system checks to see if any files are missing
from the replica. It then copies missing data over the network to the replica and the data is
then indexed at the replica.
Note: Mirroring may heavily load the server
processes with transfer requests and produce
a significant load on your network.
Minimizing the bandwidth consumed by
transfers can control this issue.
Configuring the ADM replication
The ADM replication parameters are defined
in the [Mirror] section of the e2loaderd.ini
file. Modify these settings at the requesting
side, not on the server providing the
Syntax [Mirror1]
Data Types IPAddress an IP address of a machine in the format n.n.n.n.
number a positive integer.
Keywords and
Throttle Optional.
Defaults to 100, time to pause in milliseconds between blocks.
Block Optional, defaults to 32768 bytes, maximum number of bytes to send in
each pulse.
Bandwidth (bps) Consumed = Block Size / Throttle (in seconds) * 8
For example, 32768 / 0.2 * 8 = 655,360 bps = 655 Kbps = 0.65 Mbps.
enable enables the mirror component. Ensure that enable=1 (on) or mirroring
won’t work.
months This limits the jobs that get replicated to those within the last ‘N’ months.
Mirrored jobs need to start with 4-digit year and 2-digit month, for
example: “20011111-tryme-telco-statement.drd”.
If set to -1, it will attempt to mirror all files including those that do not
follow the above convention.
The default setting is: months=1
interval The loader will check the remote server for new jobs at startup and every
‘S’ seconds after the last check.
The default setting is: interval=86400 (every 24 hours).
service the connection parameters to the master server

Example [Mirror1]
UPDATED:  October 18, 2017