How to plot Azimuth Value in Drillhole Plan View in Encom Discover

To plot the azimuth value, you will need to generate 3D coordinates from the downhole data table then use Rotate Symbols tool to rotate the symbol according to the Azimuth value.

1. Generate the drillhole plan using Drillholes > Define New Sections or Plan...

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2. Use Drillholes > Generate 3D Coordinates and select the downhole data table to use.

3. A new table will be created which contains points along the drillhole trace.

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4. Go to Tools > Tool Manager > Rotate Symbols tool - Rotation column set to 'Azimuth' and rotate 'Clockwise' and use the Arrow (pointing north) as the symbol to use.

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5. The points will now be replaced with the arrow sign to represent the Azimuth value.
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UPDATED:  April 20, 2017