How to find the points within the polygon in MapInfo Professional

To find the points within a table of polygon(s) please do the following:

1. Open both the points and polygon files in MapInfo Professional. In this example, there is a points table of banks and a polygon table of the United States.

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2. Go to Query > SQL Select.
3. Fill out the SQL Select Dialog box with your preferences. For example:
First, in the "from Tables" option, the points then polygon table were chosen. 
Then, in the "where Condition" a Within operator is used. Something the "where Condition" is auto-populated. Other times, use the drop down menus to the right to choose the query options.

What does the "where condition" mean?

The condition "SavingsNLoan.Obj Within USA.Obj" is a query to find the point object (.obj) within the polygon objects.

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The "Select Columns" by default has an asterisk (*). This symbol means that all fields from both tables will be in the new query. If you would like to change this, delete the asterisk and add the column(s) needed using the column drop down on the right.

Additionally, there are the optional "Group by" and "Order by" options. The "Group by" option might be good to group all the States by name (example: New York). You might want to group when counting the number of points within a polygon.

The "order by" option allows you to sort by numerical or alphabetical order.

Once everything is filled out, click Verify. If the query is ok, "Syntax is Correct" will display. Then Click ok to run the query.

Now you will have a temporary table of results displaying the polygon with the corresponding point(s) information. 

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UPDATED:  August 25, 2017