Import LDAP user for sagent repository

Product Feature : Sagent Admin

Follow below steps to import users from ldap directory. It is assumed that user exists in ldap directory
1) Open Sagent Admin
2) Click on 'Users' link in the left plane under Repository section
3) Click on 'Import' button

4) Select the appropriate domain in left plane and then select the users to import from right pane.User 'UM001PA' is selected from
'UM001PA' domain here as an example.Make sure to check the checkbox 'Authenticate Using LDAP ' 

step 2

5) LDAP user will be added as user in Sagent admin for authentication to Sagent repository.The imported users retain association to LDAP servers so that changes made in ldap infrastructure for imported users  are reflected in Sagent automatically e.g. changes in  group associations of a user

step 3

UPDATED:  May 29, 2015