How to find the version of a Sagent Data Flow component including repository

Below are main 8 sagent component that customer user
This article describes how can one know version of each on a set-up:

For all .exe files, right clicking on the file and navigating to Properties -> Details -> File Version will provide the correct version.
1) Sarun.exe.
2) sappcom.exe
3) Design Studio, the name of the executable for design studio is saisd.exe.
4) Sagent Admin, the name of the executable for sagent admin is saad.exe.
5) Sagent Weblink, the name of the executable for Sagent Weblink is SaItServer.exe.
6) Sagent WebService, the name of the executable for Sagent Weblink is SaWebService.exe.
7) Sagent DFS OR Data Flow Service, the name of the executable for Sagent Weblink is sadcagnt.exe.
8) Sagent Repo is a database which stores information about the sagent plan, users etc. Sarp_info is one the tables in the database which contains the current version of the repository.
There are two ways we can find it:
A) Running a direct query from DB client on the repo DB to fetch info about sarp_info:
 1) Connect to the sagent repo from DB Client
 2)Run a query to know the value of sarp_info.value1 where is equal to 'repository version', for example in SQL Server query would be:
  select * from sarp_info where name = 'repository version'
    for running this query on DB2 oracle etc., you might need to modify as per syntax defined for those DBs
B) Via sainrp.
If we want to avoid running a direct query on the DB or don’t have resources to do that for example if the User does not have a DB client installed etc. We can also find the version by connecting repo from sainrp tool which below steps:
 1) Launch sainrp.
 2) Click connection, in the new 'configure repository' fill the data source.
 3) Click 'test connectivity' to see you are successfully connected to Repository.
 4) Click the save button behind below test connectivity.
 5) Close the 'configure repository' window.
 6) Now under the main window 'repository tool', under the Repository group box(in the upper left corner), the value of "Version" shows the repository version.
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017