How to know what the Entry Point Code on the E CODE is using MailStream Plus

What is the Entry Point Code on the E CODE parameter using MailStream Plus?

All MailStream Plus jobs require the E CODE parameter to run.  The E CODE location tells MailStream Plus where to look for the entry point code on the input file.
If your job just has 1 entry point, 'ENT PT' parameter, then in position 72, you need a Y to default all records to this entry point. Then no matter where the E CODE is pointing to, all records will go to the default entry point even if they have different values on the input record. 
For mail classes other than First Class, there are entry point discounts if you truck your mail to the SCF or NDC where the mail enters the USPS system and they are delivered to that SCF or NDC.  Many mailers may have 10 or more entry points to do this.  In this case, the E CODE points to their input file to tell MailStream Plus where to find the entry point code that will then match a value on one of the ENT PT parameters in positions 12 - 20.

Environment Details
Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: E CODE parameter
Operating System: All Platforms
UPDATED:  August 25, 2017