Finding out the HardwareID of your machine of Exponare, MapXtreme or MapInfo Discover

The method to discover the HardwareID depends on the Pitney Bowes software that you have installed:

1) For Encom Discover, Discover3D, MapInfo-Discover Bundle, Engage and Engage 3D
  • From the Windows start menu, locate the application named "Encom license Manager". The path is usually Start menu-> All Programs > Encom Programs > License Manager. The License Manager will be automatically installed as part of the Discover/Engage install.
  • In the License Manager, go to the "Activate software" tab. The HardwareID will be displayed there (it is automatically generated by the License Manager, unique to this computer)
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2) HardwareID for Exponare
  • Once the Exponare Server has been installed, on the server machine, locate the application named Hardware Identity Generator. The path is Windows Start menu -> All Programs -> MapInfo ->Exponare -> Exponare Server -> Hardware Identity Generator.
  • In the Hardware Identity Generator, follow the steps and fill in the Customer name and other details specified. Hit "Next". The HardwareID will be displayed there (it is automatically generated by the Hardware Identity Generator, unique to this computer)
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3) HardwareID for MapXtreme
  • Once MapXtreme has been installed, locate the executable named MILicenseNodeID.exe. The path is C:\Program Files\Common files\MapInfo\MapXtreme\7.x.x\License Tool\MILicenseNodeID.exe. Run this to generate a unique machine-specific hardwareID contained in a text file called MILicenseNodeID.txt.
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Products affected: MapXtreme, Exponare, Encom Products.
UPDATED:  October 11, 2018