How to add and configure StreetPro data automatically for use with AnySite

StreetPro data will need to be installed or copied to the 'Data' folder under AnySite's installation directory. The default installation directory for AnySite v9.1 is  C:\AnySite_AU\. (for AnySite Australia)

Assuming that AnySite was installed to the default directory mentioned above, StreetPro data folder will need to be placed under C:\AnySite_AU\Data\

After copying the folder, open the Configurator and go to Tools > Cataloguer > check the C: drive > check the AnySite installation directory > make sure both 'Update Layer Paths' and 'Use UNC Paths' are checked then click OK

After the Cataloguer has been run successfully, double check the StreetPro layers under Configurator > Preferences > Products 
The number of tables should be updated under each StreetPro layer to reflect this update
Environment Details
Products affected: Anysite™
UPDATED:  September 19, 2017