Retirement of Group1 Web Site

As Pitney Bowes continues to expand and improve support options for clients, the site has closed.

PB will provide download links from our digital fulfillment eStore, exclusively, on future software releases and product update communications.
These users will ultimately be provisioned to enable product downloads at the Software Data Marketplace 

For complete details, please refer to the following article concerning the communication sent to users: Retiring of the website used by many Pitney Bowes Software products

If users find that they require assistance in the interim with eStore downloads / registration or with their Marketplace setup after reviewing the article Retiring of the website used by many Pitney Bowes Software products, please contact

Support Content

For other Support content, please visit our new Support sites. These new support sites have been designed to improve usability while still providing the resources you’ve come to expect from Pitney Bowes. When you access the new support site, select the product(s) you are interested in, and the content available will include access to the following information:
  • Product Documentation with all the latest product documentation for purchased products.
  • Knowledge Articles to users you quickly and easily find answers to most product-related questions and issues.
  • Online Case Management* to create, update and monitor any active Technical Support and Client Service cases, and including historical cases.
  • Online Community Forums* beginning November 2018, PB will be adding specific forums to engage with users of the former PB Software Forum.
  • Pitney Bowes Software & Data Product Ideas* where users can start sharing ideas and get involved by connecting with PB and making suggestions, promoting favorite ideas, interacting with product managers and previewing features that will be incorporated in upcoming product releases. Ideas can be searched for, browsed and viewed by registered users of Your Account, Software Community & Partner Community.
  • Additional Resources including Videos, Training, the Software Support and Maintenance Handbook, information on Webinars and how to contact Support.
Our other local Support Websites continue to give you access to support.
 Pitney Bowes Software is here to help if any assistance with this transition is required – simply contact Support here.
* Registration Required (Case Management, Forums & Ideas)

Client Login / Registration
Partner Login / Registration
UPDATED:  July 3, 2019