Resolve MapInfo Licensing Server; "License Broken"


User experiences any of these problems:

License Server doesn't show the correct Borrowable licenses. 
If you see the license server log, it will show you all the license got 'Broken'
No user will able to activate/transfer the license.


Sometime MapInfo License server gets corrupted because of registry anchors stop communicating to Flexera server. All the available/existing licenses in the license server get a "Broken Restore" error, after which no user is able to activate or transfer the license. It happens sometimes when user upgrades their 'OS' where License Server is installed.


UPDATED: August 21, 2017

There is no solution if license gets "Broken Restore" stage. Moreover, I am mentioning couple of steps to avoid the kind of error or we can try to restore the license.

1) Take a back of two files (unisw20_004e4200_tsf ; unisw20_004e4200_event) you can find these files under the C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet.

2) Stop the MapInfo License Server and FLEXnet Licensing Service from services.

3) Deploy serveractutil.exe on customer environment for temporary purpose.

4) Open CMD and run the command form the Dir where you have saved the said utility serveractutil -repair <fulfillmentID> -comm soap -commServer it will repair all the Broken Restore licenses from Flexera (if possible).

Environment Details

Product Feature: Licensing

Operating System: Windows7-64bit



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