Crime Profiler 2.0 tutorial data not found

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Not stated

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Configuration: Not stated


Tutorial Data for Crime Profiler 2.0 does not exist when software is installed.


When reading in the Crime Profiler User Guide on Page 32:  it states that when installing Crime Profiler 2.0 it will install Tutorial Data.

The documentation states:
To assist in learning how to use CrimeProfiler, a set of tutorial data is provided with the software installation. By default, the tutorial and sub-folders are installed in the following directory:

\Program Files\MapInfo\CrimeProfiler\Tutorials folder.
A total of 5 MB of disk space is required to install the tutorial data.

However, the Tutorials folder doesn't exist after installing the software.


UPDATED: February 2, 2015
Logged this as Bug - Crime-271- the tutorial data was never created. This is a typo in the user guide. Tutorial Data is not available.