Resolving unavailable fields causing EngageOne Generate to abort

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer / Generate


Resolving unavailable fields causing EngageOne Generate to abort


If a data field is used either directly, or via a variable in designer, then it must be available.


UPDATED: October 20, 2017
This can be addressed by using the "unavailable field" options in the data format editor, or by checking that the field "is set" in your application design.

You can also check for invalid data when running EngageOne Generate, but this is limited.  Documentation entry:

Error Handling

On error with publication data set

This setting relates to the handling of keyed record data only. Use it to indicate what action should be taken if Generate encounters a publication data set that cannot be processed. This may occur in the following circumstances:
1. A record is defined as Mandatory but is missing in a publication data set.
2. An undefined record key is encountered.
3. A child record of a repeating group is present without its parent record.


Options are:
Abort job – no further publication data sets are processed and any output files that have been created by the job are deleted (if this is permitted by the host operating system).
Skip publication – the publication data set in error is ignored and no output is created from it. Processing continues with the next publications data set in the input file.
Record data and skip publication – as above but the publication data set is also copied to the file indicated by the Data record file field before proceeding. Note that this file specification must conform to the same naming conventions as all other Generate I/O files; refer to Specifying files for Generate for details.