Two users, set up with the same Security access and Workgroups, see different search results for Jobs and Defects in Confirm


In Confirm® two users who were set up in the same way - both having the same Security access and being in the same Workgroups - observe different search results for Defects and Jobs.


One of the users is a Contractor as well as an Action Officer and, on the Contractors screen, was linked to himself as a Contractor. This link on the Contractors screen meant the user was restricted to only view Jobs and Defects that were of a status 'Available to Contractor'. This is to say the link made the user become a 'Contractor User'.


UPDATED: November 29, 2018
Remove the link between the Contractor and Action Officer on the Contracts screen in Confirm. As a user with System Administrator privileges, go to the Contracts screen for the user, click the Officer tab, then click the Details button. Then, on the open dialog box, click Delete.
Environment Details
Products affected: Confirm®