Resolving unable to connect to SQL using trusted connection in EngageOne Designer distributed install.


User credentials encrypted so the server setup cannot connect to the SQL box when using trusted connection.


There has recently been a change to the BusObj.config repository connection string and user credentials, which are now encrypted.

This is fine for stand-alone or Client/Server installs - however, this causes a big problem for 'manual' distributed installs where RCT (ServerSetup.exe) cannot connect to the SQL-box - using trusted authentication.

ServerSetup.exe  attempts to connect to the remote-SQL instance during the install of BusObjService on the AppServer, however, if the connection is unsuccessful - then the remaining install (that creates the encryption data) fails and the BusObj.config isn't populated correctly.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
A new parameter has been added to the command line invocation of serverSetup.exe from 6.0M4 onwards.

From the command line, if ServerSetup.exe /ccf is invoked then further arguments must also be specified allowing the user to either create a new BusObj.config file or edit an existing one
The usage is as follows:-

Ussage : ServerSetup /ccf
                   /du DatabaseUser -- user to use
                   /dp UserPassword -- password for the user
                   /ds DataSource -- Database Instance
                   /ca Catalogue -- Database Name
                   [/so socket] -- Optional Socket to use
Environment Details
Software Affected: EngageOne Designer
Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade