Resolve Connection Abort Issue when running Web Service with non Local System Account in Sagent Data Flow

Product Feature: Automation Server



Connection Aborted error is thrown from Sagent Automation if Sagent services are running from a service ID other than local system account.

If Sagent services are executing using local system account the plan runs fine from automation.

If Sagent web service is run in standalone mode, the plan runs fine from Sagent automation.



The service ID that is being used for running Sagent services needs to be added in Windows decom configuration.


UPDATED: July 31, 2017

Following steps can be used:
  1. Type dcomcnfg on command prompt.
  2. Component services window would appear.
  3. Go to Console Root > Component Services > Computers > My Computer > Dcom Config.
  4. Right click on SAPPCOM Control and go to properties.
  5. Select this user in identity tab and provide credentials.
  6. Repeat this for SAPPCOM.auto2.
This should resolve the connection issue.