EngageOne Vault 4GB Compressed File Size Limit


In newer versions of Vault (6.1 and higher) you'll see a descriptive error if you try to load a file that, once compressed, exceeds 4GB in size:

ERROR 10217: Compressed size exceeds 4 Gigabytes, file [work\inputfile.drp] size [4373904570]
00 ERROR 10128: compression failed for file [work\inputfile.afp]

In older versions of Vault (<6.1) you'll see an error like this:

ERROR 11834: detected page size [136462336] is greater than the maximum size [16777216]


There is a hard limit of 4 GB for Vault DRP and DRD files.  The original file can be larger, but once it's compressed it has to be under 4GB.



UPDATED: September 14, 2018
If this situation is encountered The customer will have to split their run so that the resulting DRP/DRDs are smaller than 4GB.
The limit of file size is that any single job data file must be less than 4 GB AFTER compression. So the job file size depends on how well it compresses. For “regular” AFP, it can be up to 20:1. For PDF, assume 1:1. Postscript varies depending on how much “binary” data is included. For collections, it really varies as the collections will accept any data/file.

The only solution to this situation is to recreate the print stream into multiple smaller chunks, so that when compressed no DRP exceeds 4GB.
Environment Details
All versions of Vault as of this writing (9/14/2018)