Resolve issue where a not included delivery channel remains at status Composed in EngageOne


Not included delivery channel remains at status Composed.

When a delivery channel is excluded it stays in the "composed" state. This causes the entire work item to remain in the state "Pending For Delivery":
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This behavior is incorrect, because the work item is not actually pending for delivery anymore, and there were no errors.

Reported as a bug for EngageOne 3.1 as EOS-771


UPDATED: November 7, 2017
Possible Workarounds:
- Manually delete this work item (unwieldy).
- Purge using "-pendingdelivery" option (dangerous, since actual pending items could also be cleaned up).
- Use SOAP services to force completed Work Items to "FINISHED" or "CANCELLED" (unwieldy to program, and possibly not very robust).

Now fixed in (

Notes from patch EOS-771:
1) Modified such that when a document is skipped due to the inclusion condition then the request channel item will be marked as canceled.
2) Modified the request item update statement so that it will get marked as delivered when the request channel items are in either delivered or canceled state. This makes it so that the main work item does not end up hung in the pending for delivery status.
3) Extended purge so that when it is removing the temp items, new and processing, it will now also remove canceled items.
Environment Details
Product Feature: Administration
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2
Configuration: JBoss