Retiring of the website used by many Pitney Bowes Software products

Products Affected:  Code 1 Plus™, Finalist®, MailStream Plus™, EngageOne™ Delivery Audit, Spectrum, and others

The following communication was sent to all Pitney Bowes Software users that accessed the site for products or databases:

Important Pitney Bowes Download Site Information

For more than five years, we have been working toward the retirement of our web site. During that time we have deployed an eStore, and provided eStore links to download software releases, product updates and data subscriptions.

While most of you have been using the eStore already, please know that this is now the only site for software releases and product updates. Effective immediately, has been retired. You may still be able to access the site, but downloads are not available. We will provide download links from the eStore, exclusively, on future software releases and product update communications. The links you receive will have separate buttons to download full software releases, product updates, and documentation.

We are also in the process providing a new way to access and download subscription data: our new Software and Data Marketplace (
SDM). This site is organized to help you explore available downloads, easily locate the data you need, and provide interactive guidance and search help.

Here are some useful next steps to assist you with these changes.
If you want to download software releases and release documentation, product updates, or release notes… Visit the Pitney Bowes eStore. If you are new to the Pitney Bowes eStore, please follow the instructions in our Help Guide.
If you want to download data and are a current Auto Delivery subscriber…
  • Use the Pitney Bowes eStore for manual downloads now, while we complete your custom onboarding to the SDM. If you are new to the Pitney Bowes eStore, please follow the instructions in our Help Guide.
  • By the end of October, you will receive a Welcome e-mail from PBSaccess. That e-mail will contain instructions for accessing the Marketplace to download subscription data updates.
  • If you prefer, you can request Marketplace access from
To download documentation for specific products visit… and navigate to your product.
To download documentation by locale, use these links:

If you find that you require assistance in the interim with eStore downloads or with your Marketplace setup, please contact

Pitney Bowes Fulfillment
UPDATED:  May 22, 2019