Understanding the sample code examples provided in the MapInfo Pro 17.0 Advanced Raster SDK

Product affected: MapInfo Pro Advanced™
This information is for the MapInfo Pro 17.0 Advanced Raster SDK.

The MIRaster SDK has three category of operation APIs, Analysis, Processing and Gridding. 
Sample code of each API in three separate ".cs" file is provided as follows:

1. MapInfo.RasterEngine.Analysis.Samples.cs
2. MapInfo.RasterEngine.Processing.Samples.cs
3. MapInfo.RasterEngine.RasterInterpolation.Samples.cs
As Viewshed comes under analysis category of API, it's sample code can be found in the MapInfo.RasterEngine.Analysis.Samples.cs file.
The following two sample code examples are written for Viewshed Analysis.

1. Viewshed_Single_Tower_Example
2. Viewshed_Multi_Tower_Example

UPDATED:  February 14, 2019