Enhancements for EngageOne Deliver ver 2.7

Product affected: EngageOne™ Deliver
Depending on the current installed version, EngageOne users may need a script upgrade.
Please contact support with any questions.

Features & enhancements in the 2.7 release
This section shows changes made for the Deliver 2.7 release. Details of these features and
enhancements are provided in the user guides issued with this release.

Product Features / Enhancement
This release includes major product features and enhancements. The focus is to enrich the overall usability and experience of the Deliver product and entire communication suite.

Here are the highlights of this release:
• SparkPost API gateway for email sending – this release includes support for SparkPost API email gateway for email sending. Refer to Reference Guide for details.
• SparkPost API gateway for email bounce handling – release also provides support for email bounce handling through SparkPost events APIs. Refer to Reference Guide for details.
• Location tracking for URL clicks – this release supports tracking of geo-location of URL clicks with in an email. It utilizes Pitney Bowes LI APIs for tracking geo-location by IP address. Refer to Reference Guide for details.

User Experience
Home Page dashboard graph update – Home page dashboard bar graph has been
changed to a "Doughnut" chart for improved user experience. Date filter caching is also added
to avoid frequent server hits and improve page load time
Platform Support
Java 11 support – This release has been tested and verified for Java 11.x with Tomcat 9.x.
UPDATED:  April 2, 2019