Understanding MapBasic and RouteFinder integration

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Some MapBasic programmers have contacted PB and asked if there are documented methods to initiate RouteFinder functionality such as the creation of "DriveTimes" (isochrones) and "DriveDistances" (isodistances) using calls from MapBasic..

According to the RouteWare developers, this functionality has been suggested as a possible new feature for a future release and they are aware of the need for this type of integration.(November 2018).

Until this integration occurs, users can purchase the RouteWare .NET 4 SDK from the Vendor directly,
The SDK does require some MapBasic Development skills and the result is almost the same as the actual .DLL used in the RouteFinder add-on for MapInfo Pro.

Contact RouteWare directly for more information:
UPDATED:  December 9, 2019