Vintage and parameters and source data used with MapInfo Pro Drivetime tool

Product affected: MapInfo Pro ™
- The source data used in the MapInfo Pro Drivetime tool is TomTom. 
- The update frequency is "released" quarterly. (Jan., April, July, Oct.)

A definition of the "historic data" categories would be:

- "amPeak": { "lowerBound": 700, "upperBound": 1000 } , 
- "offPeak": { "lowerBound": 1000, "upperBound": 1600 } , 
- "pmPeak": { "lowerBound": 1600, "upperBound": 1900 } , 
- "nightTime": { "lowerBound": 2200, "upperBound": 400 } 

This means that by picking amPeak the speed is a normalized value of the observed speeds by TomTom of that segment during that time-block period. 

In cases where there is no detailed information for a segment, a best speed from Tom Tom is used. 

The details of how TomTom calculates the segments and whether there is data for each is proprietary with TomTom.
UPDATED:  November 13, 2018