Impact of 'COM+' recycling on 'Create Letter' operation in Portrait Dialogue

Following are the phases in which a 'Create Letter' operation runs:
1. Collecting of participants/customers from the database: This phase is affected by COM+ recycle. When the system is collecting the list of participants/customers from the database and the 'MH Dialogue Server' is recycled, then this phase starts again. This happens because a new version of 'MH Dialogue Server is created and the old established connection with the database is broken, furthermore, portrait has to establish a new connection and start the operation again.

2. Writing file: This phase is unaffected by with COM+ recycle. Once the list of participants is collected, 'MH Dialogue Server' recycling does not have any further impact on the operation.

'Create Letter' operation often takes a longer time to complete when 'MH Dialogue Server' is recycled in the middle of this. Therefore, as a good practice, the COM+ or 'MH Dialogue Server' should not be recycled when a create letter operation is running.

UPDATED:  November 30, 2018