Configuring 'Monitoring Service' in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: General Admin settings
Monitoring service is an enhanced feature shipped with Portrait Dialogue. This feature keeps a check on 'MH Dialogue Server' (COM+) responsiveness to the incoming requests from the clients. In case of no response from 'MH Dialogue Server' to the incoming requests, Monitoring service detects the situation, notify the administrator (via email) and try to restart 'MH Dialogue Server' and all the supporting services.

Following are the steps to locate and configure Monitoring Service setting in Dialogue Admin:
  1. Launch 'Dialogue Admin' and navigate to 'Database Instance' > 'General Admin' > 'Parameter Collection'
  2. Select 'Monitoring Service Options' and specify the time in 'minutes' for the following parameters.
  • RestartServerAfterSubsequentServiceRestarts
  • RestartServerIfMemoryUsageExceedsInMBytes
  • COMCommunicationTimeoutInSeconds
  • RestartServerIfItsNotAliveForMinutes
  • RestartServiceAfterCOMCommunicationStoppageInMinutes
Note: The significance of all the parameters is accessible in the 'Edit Parameter Value' window while updating the parameters.Initially, the parameters are set to 'Default' value.
UPDATED:  December 7, 2018