How to populate the MPA-1109 when using EPS and MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!

The USPS is moving from to Enterprise Payment Account (EPA).  This is not a choice on the mail.dat MPA-1109 field code Mail.dat payment option.  The choices are: 
  • C = CPP
  • V = PVDS
  • T = CAPS
  • D = Debit
  • O = Other
  • B = Billing
Is there a value that is recommended to use when populating MPA-1109 field code and using the subkeyword MDMFPO using MailStream Plus™?
Yes, the suggest value is T = CAPS.
Please discuss this with your postal contacts and PostalOne to make sure this is how your payments are being made to the USPS.
** Note this is current as of Mail.dat version 19-1 and MailStream Plus™ version 8.3.7
UPDATED:  January 28, 2019