Understanding file associations for the MapInfo Pro 17.0.2 fully licensed version and the Viewer version

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
The release of MapInfo Pro 17.0.2 includes the new 64-bit Viewer version, which is similar to the old 32-bit ProViewer.

The  Pro 17.0.2 Release Notes can be found here:

Here is a an explanation of how file association works with MapInfo Pro 17.0.2:

File Associations
When MapInfo Pro is started by double-clicking on a registered file type such as workspace (*.wor) or table (*.tab),
Pro checks the value of a registry key to determine whether to run in Viewer (subscription) mode or normal mode.

The registry key is located at

If the HKEY_CURRENT_USER key exists, it uses that value; otherwise Pro looks for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE value.

If the value of the CloudVersion registry key is = 1, MapInfo Pro is started in Viewer (subscription) mode.
If the value of the CloudVersion registry key is = 0 or the key is not present, MapInfo Pro is started in normal licensed mode.

Note: The MapInfo Pro installer will set the registry value to 1
if the user chooses I only want to run the viewer version during the installation.

To switch the default value of this registry key, there are two files installed in the same location as where MapInfo Pro is installed.
  • DefaultToFullPro.reg - Default to normal licensed mode.
  • DefaultToSubscription.reg - Default to Viewer (subscription) mode.
Double-click on either file to set the registry key value.​
UPDATED:  December 10, 2019