Using a proxy with Verimove getfilehttps.exe utility

Products Affected: Verimove
Product Feature: Daily Delete
Operating System: Windows (all)
Below are the steps needed for the Verimove getfilehttps.exe to work with a proxy.

1) Navigate to where the Verimove product is installed
2) Click on ConfigUtility.exe
3) Check the 'Enable Proxy' box
4) Fill out the proxy fields and click 'OK' to save.

Additionally add the -proxy argument to the getfilehttps.exe call to indicate that proxy information is to be used.

C:\PB\VeriMove\Utilities\getfilehttps.exe" xxxxxxxxxxx dailydelete -ascii -rest -quiet -proxy -outdir:c:\pb\verimove\database
UPDATED:  May 17, 2019