EngageOne® Deliver - Configuring the password rules

EngageOne Deliver allows to configure the rules that a user must follow while setting a new password. These rules will help the users to enhance the application security by setting up strong passwords.
To define the password rules:

1. In the Deliver installation directory, navigate to the ...\PBBI\CCM\EO_Deliver\core.war\WEB-INF folder.
2. Open the security.xml configuration file in edit mode.
3. Set the appropriate values for the following properties:
    <property name="minLength" value="8" />
    <property name="alphaNumericRequired" value="true" />
    <property name="splCharactersNotAllowed"
       value="${spl.chars.not.allowed}" />
    <property name="maxLength" value="20" />

Attached file for additional information regarding this topic:

4. Save and close the file.
5. Restart Deliver web application for changes to take effect.

For more information contact suport.
UPDATED:  August 5, 2019