Linking jobs together outside of the Verimove GUI Link To Job functionality

Products Affected:  Verimove
Operating System:  Windows
The link job functionality is specific to the GUI (or FTCMD which kicks off a job listed in the GUI).  In the GUI, the Link To Job functionality allows you to link multiple jobs for processing. For example, you can link Job1 to Job2. Job 2 starts processing as soon as Job 1 completes processing. If you link Job2 to Job3, Job3 starts processing when Job2 completes processing. 

It is possible to link jobs together outside of the GUI.  If you have jobs stored in the GUI, you can set up the link to job functionality and execute the first job in a script using FTCmd, and all linked jobs will follow automatically.  If you 
do not have jobs stored in the GUI, and you just use mu.exe to run .def files not stored in the GUI, you would need to create your own scripting. 

Below is an example of a script.  Please keep in mind that this is an example and not supported.  This DOS script will look in a folder specified in the DEFPATH variable and execute mu.exe from the VMLOC directory for every .def file in DEFPATH.  Basically the DEFPATH folder is used as a staging area for any jobs to run.  This runs them in the alphabetic order as they appear in the folder, so it is not 100% like the Link To Job functionality from the GUI which can be set to run jobs in any order.

Here is the contents of a sample script called runjobs.bat :
rem ## FOR loop to execute mu.exe for all .def files in a directory
SET "DEFPATH=C:\Jobdefs"
SET "VMLOC=C:\PB\VeriMove"
for /f %%i in ('dir /b /a-d %DEFPATH%') do (
  SET FEXT=%%~xi
  IF "!FEXT!"==".def" (
    SET FNAME=%%~ni
    pushd %VMLOC%
    mu.exe !FNAME! %DEFPATH%\!FNAME!.def
    echo ### !FNAME! finished with rc=%SAVEERR%
If three jobdefs were in C:\Jobdefs, they would all run consecutively (alphabetically) by executing the script.
UPDATED:  June 20, 2019