Understanding what's new in MapInfo Pro 17.0.3

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
From the MapInfo Pro 17.0.3 Release Notes:

1. MapInfo Pro Python Add-in Leverage the power of Python scripts to develop add-ins and extensions within MapInfo Pro. Take advantage of the Python language and its existing libraries/modules when writing MapInfo Pro add-ins. We have provided Python developers and data analysts an easier way to work with MapInfo data by providing access to MapInfo Pro table data.
2. MapInfo Marketplace Preview Easier search for apps with rich descriptions and simple updates. The MapInfo Marketplace is an online repository embedded into MapInfo Pro. This repository offers you a wide variety of downloads including sample data sets, custom symbols, and Layout Templates to help you increase your productivity and complete your work faster using the tools and data shared by the MapInfo Pro community.
3. Command Editor Tool Update
The Command Editor Tool now has a new name and a host of new and updated features.
4. Customizable shortcuts Faster mapping with user-customized single key shortcuts. You can now customize single key shortcuts for mapper window by making/modifying entries in the MapInfoPro.MNU file under ArrayOfMapInfoProKeyShortcut tag.
5. Geocode Tool Enhancements Updated Create Points option and Premium Geocoding pricing.
6. Backup User Modified Settings File The first time you start MapInfo Pro after an upgrade, any user-specific settings files that have
been modified are backed up.
7. Drivetime Regions Tool Update
Premium Drivetime pricing has been revised and now costs three credits per query.
8. Coordinate Systems and Projections New Polar Stereographic entries added for use in the Universal Polar Stereographic Projection category along with new EPSG codes to bounded and unbounded Estonian Coordinate systems.
9. MapInfo MapCAD Update
New version v1703 (18) of MapCAD.
10. License Server Utility Update New version 5.1 of the License Server Utility.
11. Resolution of over 24 customer issues
UPDATED:  June 10, 2019