A fatal error has occurred when trying to translate ESRI *.GDB file with Universal Translator in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The Universal Translator shows that it is possible to translate ESRI *.GDB files.
But, errors may be generated by the UT which show that the translation failed.

The following errors may be seen:
- A fatal error has occurred. Check the logfile above for details

- Failed to obtain any schemas from reader 'FILEGDB' from 1 datasets. This may be due to invalid datasets or format accessibility issues due to licensing, dependencies, or module loading. See logfile for more information
Program Terminating
Translation FAILED.

The Safe Software - FME Universal Translator, or using "Open Universal Data" from within MapInfo Pro can translate most ESRI *.GDB files.

However, there are some types of *.GDB files that require the Full version of the FME translator, or a licensed copy of ESRI ArcMap, ArcGIS, etc. to be present on the machine.  This is a licensing restriction from ESRI via FME's interface and not MapInfo Pro.

From Safe Software's FME help:
The Esri Geodatabase (File Geodb Open API) reader and writer modules allow FME to store data in and retrieve data from Esri’s File Geodatabase, based on the File Geodatabase API.
No additional software is required to use this format, but less functionality is available than some other Esri Geodatabase formats.

Format Notes:
The Esri Geodatabase (File Geodb Open API) reader/writer provides Geodatabase support without an installed Esri product on Windows and Linux; however, it is a limited set of geometry and works only with 10.0 File Geodatabases or higher. For example, annotation is unsupported.
For more information:
UPDATED:  May 29, 2020