MapInfo Pro Advanced and how to use the Hotspot Density Tool to create output similar to the Point Density Tool found in Vertical Mapper

Product Feature: Raster Creation / Interpolation

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro Advanced™
User running MapInfo Pro Advanced is trying to create similar output to that found when using
Vertical Mapper (a retired add-on for MapInfo Pro).
This is Vertical Mapper running in 32-bit MapInfo Pro:

User-added image

Here are the Vertical Mapper results they wish to output in MapInfo Pro Advanced:
User-added image

The Point Density tool in Vertical Mapper provided two methods.
The first method counted the number of symbol objects found within the user-defined area.
The second method was more sophisticated in that it allowed for a single symbol to represent more than one event.
It did this by accessing a column containing the number of events at each location in the database of the point file.

The same can be achieved in MapInfo Pro Advanced by using the Hotspot Density tool,
found under "Create Raster" on the ribbon.
Note that the output results can differ between Vertical Mapper and Mapinfo Raster.

Open the tool, select the input file on which the operation needs to run.
If output based on the 1st method is desired,  then no column is selected.
If using the 2nd method is desired, select the column using which output is required.
Select the Parameter Unit and the Distance Unit field and then click on "More Options".
Additional options will then be available.
Go to "Kernel" and select Kernel as "Data Count".
Once this is selected, all other relevant information can be entered and the operation can proceed.

User-added image

UPDATED:  June 16, 2020