Unable to start MapInfo Pro after installing 2019.2 patch

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Some users have been unable to start MapInfo Pro after applying the 2019.2 Maintenance Release patch.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
(instructions also attached - MapInfoProConfigFileVersion2019_2_Fix.txt)

1. Locate the file: MapInfoPro.exe.config
default: C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional

2. Double-click to open the file, and look for this line, which should be the 6th line from the top (includes blank lines).  It is the only line with the word "...Version..."

<appDomainManagerAssembly value="miadm, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1c8d81d2ee78b75d"/>


3. Examine that section and make sure the version matches what is listed here:

4. Edit the Version and make it Version= if it does not match what is listed. Then save the changes to the file. 

If using notepad, choose:
save as type: All files (*.*) 
before saving to make sure it stays named: MapInfoPro.exe.config

5. If unable to save back to 
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional
due to permission messages, save the file to the desktop.

Then Delete the MapInfoPro.exe.config in
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional
Then copy and paste the edited file from the desktop to the ...\Professional directory. 
Click OK if any permission warnings are seen.

If still unable to save the newly edited file into
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional
please engage an IT Admin at your company for assistance.

6. Once the file is edited and saved with the correct version information, MapInfo Pro patched to 2019.2 should start successfully.
UPDATED:  June 24, 2020