Padding the Publication page count outside of the Journal in EngageOne Designer

Products affected: EngageOne Designer
System variables are deliberately made to be non-editable, which is why you cannot see them once inserted into the logic and therefore they cannot be formatted. There are two ways to pad the Publication Page Count:
  1. Duplicate the document and place it before the document where you want the page counter to present. The entire purpose of this duplicate document is to setup a variable that stores the number of pages in the document. This would be a publication level variable of type Integer and would store the publication page number system variable. This would be positioned at the very end of the application logic in the duplicate document.

    In the second document, in the page setup\background you inset a condition checking the value of this variable and creating a variable called "padding" also at publication level that stores the desired number of 0's. For example, if the variable checking the page number is greater than 10, pad with a single 0, if less than 10 pad with two 00
  2.  Use post processing using either PCE or EngageOne Enrichment.
UPDATED:  July 10, 2020