Using the cosmetic layer in MapInfo Pro

Product Name: MapInfo Pro™
Product Feature: Object Editing/Spatial Manipulation

The cosmetic layer in MapInfo Pro is designed to be used as a draft canvas for users to create map objects which can then be transferred to either a new or existing layer.

It can be helpful for map creation scenarios where users may decide that they want to create some additional map objects which complement an existing layer but would like to store the objects into a new layer instead of adding it to the existing one.

For example, if the existing layer consisted of boundary regions (polygons), and there is a need to add some store locations (points) at certain areas, consider making the cosmetic layer editable and then creating the points directly within the cosmetic layer.

The points could then be saved to a new layer via MAP tab > Cosmetic > Save Cosmetic Objects > and specifying '<New>' under the Save Cosmetic Objects dialog box dropdown > click on Save...

User-added image

UPDATED:  July 31, 2019